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The Idea

This has been an old dream of ours. Again and again on our extended trips we found ourselves in places that enchanted us. Then, in our minds we removed old broken tiles, painted walls colourfully and built rooms with large windows into the green.
We want to create a place where you can live and work, a lively centre of encounter and sharing of ideas, an ever-changing microcosm.
Marmelete will eventually become a lab for creative activities, for new insights and old questions, where you can be at leisure and recharge your batteries.
We will provide opportunities and an infrastructure for people who want to get engrossed in a project, who are looking for some distance to their everyday routine.

The Place

Marmelete village is located in the south of Portugal, in the hinterland of the Algarve, not far from the south- and west coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are about 1,000 inhabitants living in the municipality, which is part of the district of Monchique. On our premises with two halls, several ruins, a lot of trees and above all a lot of space we intend to establish our second residence.
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The Mural

SÜQUAI marmelete. will be inaugurated by an art project. Its realisation will be the first step towards our idea of establishing a place of creativity and sharing of ideas. Following the tradition of azulejos in Portugal we are planning to realize our own azulejo-mural on the exterior wall of one of the halls.

The Design

We will design an area of a 129,18 m²  with a mural, consisting of 12.918 tiles of 10 x 10 cm each. The mural will spread over two sides of the hall and will therefore go from the second into the third dimension.
The motive arises from a black and white photograph. By the digital reduction of the picture a raster screen consisting of black and white squares will be generated, which serves as a model for a specifically developed stamping technique. For each tile a specific stamp will then be fabricated by hand; none will be like the other. Like this 12.918 unique prints will be generated. These stamped tiles will then be burnt in a traditional Lisbon azulejo-factory.
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The Motive

The perception of the mural will change according to the distance of the spectator to it. From a certain distance the black and white squares will merge into an ensemble, the motive of which will become visible. Upon approaching the mural, the image will blur in front of the observer's eyes: he or she will be immersed in a texture of black and white squares. We don't want to reveal the content of the image here. It is meant to emerge during the sale, tile by tile, and it is expected to trigger off  conversations about the magic of its appearance.

The Invitation

Do you like our idea? Did we pique your curiosity? Would you like to visit us some day, to relax with us, to recharge your batteries? If so, please support us by becoming a co-owner of  the mural. We, on our side, will offer you or your firm the possibility to have your or your firm's name published on our website, respectively to have it linked. The bigger your commitment, i.e. the more azulejos you are  willing to purchase, the larger your name will  appear on our website. Moreover, you'll find your name on the mural, since we intend to burn the names of the buyers on special tiles, fixed on the wall next to the mural.

A big thanks to...

ChriHa WegStä
Senhor Mortufo
Raffa & Oli
Dorle und Bruno
Noemi Merz
Eva Gadient
Natalia Varsova
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Judith Strub
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Linda Heydegger
Sabrina Urbani
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...Katharina Widmer & Matteo Winkler