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Monday 31st January 2011

We are drawing a balance
31st January 2011 will be the appointed date for the definite realisation of the mural project. The response to our project, i.e. the total amount of sold tiles by that deadline, will be crucial to the decision whether the mural will be realised or not.
Should we be forced to stop the project for any reason whatsoever, all amounts of money paid by then will automatically be refunded.

This is how it is quoted in our terms and conditions and we want to stick to them.
Our vision of a lab for creative activities doesn’t seem to be possible to be realized by our mural project. Too few azulejos were sold to be able to finance the piece of land, which should be acquired by the end of February 2011. On one hand the feedback on our project was really positive. We were able to establish interesting contacts to people who approve of our idea, the centre of encounter and sharing of ideas. Nevertheless, the essential impulse wasn’t achieved. We weren’t able to reach and inspire enough people to go all the way.
For now the realisation of our dream of an ever-changing microcosm to a different time at a different place is still written in the stars.
Despite the current balance we allow ourselves to dream and keep on believing in small miracles...

Friday 24th December 2010

Explosive Insights
Our project has expanded in its spacial reach and its contents. From Basel to Marmelete and back. With the four following topics we will manage to show the entire circular course
of our vision:
In the past ten years the former workshop to repair boats has developed from a carpenter’s workshop to what it is today: a workroom, which keeps changing and adapting to what the needs are. Spaces evolve and change. Previous projects leave traces behind and tell stories.
In future we would like to open this place more often. It shall provide space to make different projects and collaborations possible. A centre of creativity and exchange. A lab, which sets energy free and therefore lets you reach new results. Our urban domicile in Basel.
SÜDQUAI marmelete
In Marmelete another centre of creativity shall be developed. The basic idea is so similar, but so different are the two places and what they can provide in terms of usage.
Here a place will evolve which grows and changes according to the people which enliven it. A place, which can combine living and working. Our rural domicile in Marmelete.
The Mural in Marmelete
The subject of the image combines Basel and Marmelete. It’s kind of a backdrop to what we’ve started in Basel and want to expand in Marmelete. We have recognized by knowing the subject of the mural one can understand the circular course of our work. For that reason we would like to show you the
back door. Enjoy!
The Mural in Basel
The artwork of the project has evolved further. Now, also the façade of our workshop in Basel shall become a mural. The subject in Basel complements the story, which the image in Marmelete starts to tell - our history.
With every azulejo which is sold, we gold a squared decimetre of our workshop. This shows the value this plain, seemingly fragile building has to us.
To realize our vision we depend on your commitment. Please support our project by buying azulejos. By doing this you can enable us to buy the piece of land in Marmelete which will get us significantly closer to realizing our vision.

Thursday 21st October 2010

Are you ready to spare a little time?
For the last two weeks some interesting as well as critical and inspiring feedbacks have reached us. One aspect aims at the length of our texts and the amount of time it takes to read them all. Our texts are said to be too long and it would also take too long to get to the information wished for. Thus the feedback of some of our friends and aquaintences.
By knowingly designing our website in a particular form we wanted to leave only few possibilities to click off. We want the reader to take his/her time looking at the site and staying with the matter. SÜDQUAI marmelete is a „slow“ website, i. e. a place in the midst of our fast moving and changing World Wide Web.
Our demand of quality instead of quantity and our wish to slow down accompanied us for the last five months when we were working on SÜDQUAI marmelete The same ambition ought to accompany us when realizing our place in Marmelete. For we are convinced that quality can only be developed with a real topic. And this however takes its time.

Sunday 3rd October 2010

A Look Back
Shortly before Christmas 2009 we left for Portugal. For some years we had used to spend the cold winter months in the warmer South. We were tired since behind us were two labour-intensive, but exciting projects. High time for a break! The sea and the wind ought to freshen our mind.
Beginning of April 2010 we hit the little village of Marmelete for the first time and there we discovered a piece of land for sale. We stopped at once and caught a first glimpse of what was behind the fence and the trees. What we saw didn’t leave us alone. Some days later we visited the premises together with the owner. We liked it straightaway. We could imagine to construct the place we had been dreaming of for quite some time.
Therefore we employed a German-speaking lawyer who lives in the Algarve. He took care of the legal aspects of the deal. Early in April 2009 we signed the preliminary contract. The same day we headed back home, for at home there was a lot of work waiting for us.
During a stopover in Lisbon we once again admired the azulejo-murals and we wondered what it would be like to create one by ourselves. While driving back home the idea of SÜDQUAI marmelete dimly developed.
Back in Switzerland we started to work on a concept and its realisation. So we dealt with the idea of the mural, the technique of the azulejo-fabrication, the website, the pictures, the texts and so on. From that time on five months full of work went by.
And now the moment has finally arrived: Filled with great joy and pleasure we are now able to present you SÜDQUAI marmelete to you.
A big thank-you goes to all those who have taken an interest in our project, who have asked critical questions and to those who have encouraged us again and again.