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The Conditions

31st  January 2011 will be the appointed date for the definite realisation of the mural project. The response to our project, i.e. the total amount of sold tiles by that deadline, will be crucial  to the decision whether the mural will be realised or not.
Should we be forced to stop the project for any reason whatsoever, all amounts of money  paid by then will automatically be refunded.
By buying tiles, the buyer does not acquire any right in general or any right of  participation whatsoever  to the property or the mural.
The list of credits will only comprise names of firms or private persons. Internet addresses, exclamations, whole sentences or the like will be deleted.
The buyer's name will only be mentioned once in the list of  credits. However, the purchase of further tiles will automatically result in an upgrade, i.e. an enlargement of the font.
The name, respectively the link of the buyer will only be activated when the owed debt has  been paid into our account.
We reserve the right to reject buyers without indicating any reasons.
If  a link to a website originally accepted by us was changed later on in a manner which we can not accept,  it will be removed  with the forfeiture of the purchase price.
If a buyer wants to cancel her or his name, respectively link from the list for other than the reasons mentioned above, this can be carried out on notice. However, in this case the money previously paid for the tiles will not be refunded.
We reserve  the right to change, respectively to enlarge the project, should we be forced to do so for some reason.
In case the preliminatory work is successful, we intend to finish the mural by spring/summer 2012.