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Yes, it is true, we never dreamt that we would move in together one day because we built a piece of furniture. One in which we live our life, become a family, we go traveling with. That our piece of living furniture and the associated way of life arouses interest and is capable of elating in an inspiring sort of way, makes us very happy!

The time has come to finally set off and dream of scenes in which we realize pictures titled such as…
A Piece of Furniture on a Journey...

Amongst the Cork Trees in the Alentejo
On a Cliff at the Costa Vicentina
As a Guest of Senhor Joaquim
In a Stage Set
At Moon Rise at Embalse de Gabriel y Galán
Early in the Morning on a Pontoon
As a Guest at the Vitra Design Museum
In an Autumn Forest
In the Marble Quarry of Carrara
Amongst the Motley of a Souk
By the big Sea Vessel in Setúbal
In the Rows of a Tree Nursery
At the End of a Rainbow
Near the Lighthouse of Camariñas
Amongst the Sea of Fog on an Island
On an Ice Floe
Waiting near Lisnave
By the Graffiti that speaks to us
The story of the travelling piece of furniture is a piece of work that we would like to devote ourselves to for an indefinite period of time. We will find ways to realize the dreamt pictures, some will stay imaginary, new ones will be added.