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The piece of living furniture consists of a composit of three parts : one base element, one side-change-element and one roof element.

To keep the living volume as compact and small as possible during transport, but also depending on the local situation, one side wall can be slid in over one quarter of the footprint, respectively, for the purpose of space expansion, the footprint of the base element can be extended by more than one third. Furthermore the option exists to double the fore mentioned area in form of a second floor.

If the roof element is fitted with props and thus becomes the foundation, there is the option to winch up the rest of the composite by the distance of 91.5cm. A self-sufficient way to lift or put down the 887 kg weighty piece of living furniture.
By the transformation of the elements a minimal volume of 9.8 m³ with a footprint of 4.8 m² or a maximum volume of 17.9 m³ with a footprint of 10.3 m² can be achieved.
In a next step we will live in and travel with the piece of living furniture. We will gain a lot of experiences, amongst them which technical details need to be optimized, until then, in due course, go into another round.

Summer 2013